COVID-19 Update: Current information regarding the response and preparedness measures for communities managed by LCS can be found here. The company has also opened a national hotline for information. Call 855-998-4934. For local information about our community, please use 623-972-0212.

This is the Sierra Winds Blog where you can find information relevant to seniors.

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The Magnificent Seven:
Floor Plans For Every Lifestyle & Budget

It’s a time of your life that’s filled with decisions—the biggest of which is a lifestyle change in order to make the most of your retirement years. You’ve already sold your family home and moved into something smaller—maybe a couple times already. But now you’re considering a senior living community. Why? You want people around. […]

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Meet Sandy:
Planning For The Future At Sierra Winds

The residents of Sierra Winds are known throughout the West Valley as some of the most welcoming, sociable, and interesting seniors in the area. Sandy French fits this description perfectly. As chair of the community’s Welcoming Committee, Sandy is one of the first friendly faces each new resident meets upon moving to Sierra Winds. Read […]

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Sierra Winds:
Opening Up Our Community

Federal and state governments are releasing plans to reopen the economy to essential business. While this is an encouraging sign to our country’s response to COVID-19, please know this process will be taken thoughtfully at Sierra Winds. We will implement a three-phased approach when opening up our community. Decisions for each phase will be based […]

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Better Together:
Staying Connected Is Good For Your Health

Bonding With Buddy Today’s the day that Buddy the Dog visits Sierra Winds—it’s a different day every week—but Buddy’s owner Jeff Gochoco, Director of Marketing and Sales, is good about telling all the residents to be ready for their favorite Golden Retriever. Let’s just say: Staying connected is good for your health. Once Jeff and […]

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