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Know Your Benefits
The Financial Freedom, Value, and Peace of Mind of Life Care

These days, the way we live after 65 has truly changed. It’s not as much about winding down and taking it easy as it is about exploring opportunities and having the time to pursue a new talent or interest, revisit your roots, chart a new course, or reinvent yourself. After all, it’s your retirement, and you should be free to approach it as you want—without limitations or compromises—especially when it comes to your finances and the retirement lifestyle you wish to pursue.

A full-service Life Care retirement community, such as Sierra Winds, can combine the independent lifestyle you desire and deserve with the affordability of having priority access to onsite health services.

While engaging in a one-of-a-kind Life Care lifestyle at Sierra Winds, you’ll find a wealth of impressive services and amenities, countless opportunities for social outings, and more freedom than you’d ever imagine to make your retirement even more fulfilling. The foundational benefits of Life Care living are undeniable and are summarized by three specific elements:

Life Care = Financial Freedom

  • Many Life Care contracts assure you priority lifetime access to various levels of care, if needed, at discounted rates. At Sierra Winds, access to our on-campus Health Center and Rehabilitation Center, if ever needed—and at discounted rates—provides an outstanding financial benefit.
  • These discounted rates for potential healthcare services help protect a resident and their family from the rising costs of healthcare. (Related article: The importance of planning your future with healthcare in mind).
  • If you have a long-term care insurance policy, Life Care communities often provide a desirable complement to—or possible option in place of—that policy. (Consult your insurance agent.)
  • Tax preparers have sited IRS rulings that indicate substantial tax benefits in Life Care contracts. Portions of community entrance fees and monthly service fees may be classified as deductible, prepaid, or ongoing medical expenses. (Consult your tax preparer.)

Life Care = Value

  • A Life Care community designated as a not-for-profit is dedicated to serving its residents. Funds are used to operate and maintain the community, and fees are set—not to make money—but to fulfill their mission of service to seniors and the community. Sierra Winds is a not-for-profit community.
  • The monthly fee at a Life Care community covers a wide range of services and amenities. At Sierra Winds, the list of services, amenities, and activities are extensive, and the residents have valuable input in planning the offered activities. (Related article: What role does activity programming play in defining community culture?).
  • The time you have to actually pursue the lifestyle of your dreams is of great value to any retiree. Many communities—including Sierra Winds—offer maintenance-free residences.
  • Housekeeping and linen services, internal and external maintenance, meal preparation and multiple dining options, and most utilities are included, which allow you to spend your valuable free time the way you want.

Life Care = Peace of Mind

  • Entrance fee plans that are either totally or partially refundable are common with Life Care communities. These plans provide the tremendous benefit of estate protection, which ensures a legacy for future generations and provides peace of mind for residents and their families. Sierra Winds offers a Life Care contract that is 80% refundable.
  • This benefit bears repeating as it offers, not only financial freedom as mentioned above, but tremendous peace of mind: Your Life Care contract at Sierra Winds assures priority lifetime access if ever needed, to our on-campus Health Center and Rehabilitation Center at discounted rates. This protects you from rising long-term healthcare costs.
  • Life Care communities are very specialized, and as such, you can generally expect that they’re supported by professional management and sponsorship. Sierra Winds’ management company Life Care Services, An LCS Company has a well-known reputation for management and sponsorship. Life Care Services is a pioneer of the Life Care concept and has been a leader in the retirement industry for 40+ years. In 2019, Life Care Services ranked highest in customer satisfaction among senior living communities in the J.D. Power study.
  • A final note regarding the security, benefits, and peace of mind that come with pre-planning: Remember with Life Care at Sierra Winds, you will have access to health services if ever needed, but won’t pay for a higher level of care you may never need.

For more information, call (623) 977-0807 or submit a contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation and complimentary lunch in the Sierra Bistro. We’ll answer all your questions about the benefits of Life Care at Sierra Winds.

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