Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the benefit of living in a life plan retirement community like Sierra Winds?

    Sierra Winds offers a vibrant lifestyle filled with conveniences and daily opportunities for friendly and interesting social interactions with others. There’s a special energy that comes from living in a multi-faceted community, along with a sense of being part of an extended family. But many residents believe the most important aspect of living at Sierra Winds is having a secure plan for the future. With lifetime priority access to a continuum of services, Sierra Winds residents and their family members have peace of mind knowing that they will have access to skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and post observations stays. Most important, you can remain in familiar surroundings among people you know and trust.

  • What do fees for a life plan community cover?

    When choosing a life plan community like Sierra Winds, you are choosing a financial design that allows you to:

    • Consolidate many of your current out-of-pocket expenses into one monthly fee.
    • Plan for how your future long-term care costs will be paid.
    • Take the worry out of what will happen when you need more care.
    • Take advantage of tax benefits that would otherwise not be available to you if not in a life plan community.
    • Give yourself and your family the peace of mind of having financially planned for your future.
  • What fees would I have to pay at Sierra Winds?

    There are two fees associated with a life plan community: the entrance fee and monthly fees. The entrance fee at Sierra Winds is a one-time fee that is paid up front. It is used to provide funds toward the operation of our community, as well as a portion that is placed in investments to be used for future costs, including your health care.

    The monthly fee at Sierra Winds includes a flexible meal plan, interior and exterior maintenance, all utilities plus DIRECTV®, weekly housekeeping and flat laundry service, access to all community amenities and common areas, 24-hour emergency call system, and priority access to onsite health care. The amount of your monthly fee is based on the style of residence you choose.

  • Is it true that I can get a refund of my entrance fee?


  • What if I need long-term care?

    In addition to the comfort of independent residential living at Sierra Winds, you have priority access to quality, on-site skilled nursing care. Our healthcare team will work with you to put a personalized plan in place for any health issue that arises. It’s an investment that provides reassurance for you and your loved ones.

  • What if I already have long-term care insurance?

    Sierra Winds accepts long-term care insurance. In fact, many of our current residents value receiving all of their care needs on-site while retaining a private policy. Check with your provider for specific coverage questions.

  • What does it mean to have "priority access" to health care services?

    If you ever require services in the Health Center at Sierra Winds, you will always have preference over non-resident applicants to available openings. This is an important aspect of life at Sierra Winds. Residents and their family members have peace of mind knowing that if services are ever needed, Sierra Winds will ensure that care is provided throughout your life.

  • If I ever need help to maintain my independence, what choices will I have?

    As your need for services changes over your lifetime, you have the opportunity to order home health services into your residential living apartment at Sierra Winds. Or you could relocate to our onsite health center if needed.

  • How do I know if I can afford to live at Sierra Winds?

    With a choice of seven floor plans, Sierra Winds offers a variety of living options that it can accommodate a wide range of people age 55-plus. Before being accepted for residency, you are asked to show that you have enough income and assets to support your living expenses through your projected lifespan. This calculation is made through a system maintained by an outside actuary. Generally, someone with a retirement income who owns a home in the area or has equivalent assets can afford the security and benefits of the Sierra Winds lifestyle. A Sierra Winds retirement counselor will be happy to help you understand the best options for you.